How to be unique when products and services rapidly become exchangeable?
How to stay on the market when innovation circles get faster and faster?
How to satisfy needs when customers demand greater value and better prices?
How to make a change when meetings don’t lead anywhere?
How to be successful when competitors are faster?
Whatever the challenge is, Design Thinking is a powerful tool to reveal new ways of thinking.



We want to make you ready for the upcoming years. Kill Your Darling offers your company a range of methods for sustainability with a young and fresh perspective. We help you to gain a better understanding of obstacles you face, identify crucial needs and functions of your business, and support you in transforming them into strong concepts and new possibilities. With our workshop formats, we not only show you how to implement tools for innovation-driven work and tremendously improve team interaction but also develop individualized solutions just for you – accompanying you until the end.





In our workshops we offer one to five days of interactive and hands-on training. You will experience all six steps of the Design Thinking process from discovering the customer needs to rapid prototyping your solution. We guide you through the main principles of the methodology and give you a lot of different inputs on how to innovate in a user-centered, creative, and time-efficient way.

* learn to question your (work) routines
* empower fast and structured creativity
* discover user-centered innovation

We are not typical consultants that come to your company, analyze, and present a solution. If you are facing a challenge that needs a product, service or process, we help your company or institution to develop the solution yourself. We will co-create with you and your co-workers while coaching you through the entire innovation process. The duration of our cooperation depends on your challenge and goals. Therefore we provide you with a tailor-made offer from a one-week project to an evolving cooperation of several months.

* design user-centered products and services
* implement a sustainable business development
* foster multidisciplinary co-creation

Design Thinking is not only a methodology to create user-centered and desirable solutions, it also empowers teamwork. The usual team consists of five to seven members with various backgrounds who offer different perspectives and ways of working. We are experts in coaching them to perform together in a creative and efficient way. In our one to two-day workshops all participants experience to solve a problem together, yet united. Ideas become team ideas and prototypes are team results. We provide you with different methods to empower your teamwork and give you a lot of creative as well as solution-driven hints for your daily work.

* get to know your team mates’ potential beyond their expertise
* include creative methods in your daily work
* experience outstanding collaboration and productivity

We love what we do and talk about it a lot, even in public. Although we prefer Design Doing we like to inspire people with speeches and lectures around different aspects of Design Thinking and innovation. Our topics vary from generation Y and new ways of working to prototyping methods for products and services. We also offer graphic recording and visual facilitation of your lecture or event.

* inspiring lectures & keynote speeches for your event
* inputs on innovation, new work & generational issues
* live graphic recording & graphic facilitation


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Design Thinking - Six steps iterative process
Experience innovation with Kill Your Darling



We are a team of young innovators – certified in Design Thinking following our education at the HPI School of Design Thinking. We are based in Berlin but home in the world. Our strength is our diversity. We unify skills in different fields: cultural management, business process management, design, and communications. Together we bring 25 years of work experience and an inspiring set of methods to the table. A passion for creative work, products, and solutions bonds us together.


Michael Schriber

Michael Schriber

Marcel Reichmuth

Jo Graff

Jo Graff

Mito Mihelič

Mito Mihelic

Michael Schriber | michael (at)

As an organizational developer, Michael supports organizations in shaping outstanding experiences – both internally and externally, and supports them in the development of customer-centered product development processes. He combines his experience in reorganizing organizational processes with the distinctive needs of relevant stakeholders in order to enable organizations to transform towards a more open and innovative corporate culture.

Marcel Reichmuth | marcel (at)

Marcel has a passion for the development of products and services, from design research to implementation. His extensive experience in the Start-up environment allows him to early recognize market potentials and obstacles and to foster the development of ideas through fast learning cycles. His systemic perspective enables him to understand actors and their perspectives in relation to each other, to synthesize their meaning and hence design new fields of action.

Jo Graff 

Jo has been responsible for large digitalization projects in various industries with a strong focus on B2B2C. Her diverse experiences in developing new business models empowers her to transform ideas successfully to Product-Market-Fit. In numerous trainings and leadership workshops, she guides customers on their path towards an agile and user centric mindset and enables them to build innovation units for driving sustainable change within companies.

Mito Mihelič 

Mito gained extensive experience in the rollout of design thinking in a global enterprise. His focus is on designing co-creative formats to promote cross-company collaborations. He also combines his background in design and his practical experience as a lecturer at various educational institutions.


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